Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Fancy Cup 'o Joe

On mornings when Ben and I are each home, we make a big deal about breakfast. We take turns cooking and have a few yummy meals in our rotation Ben's favorite is eggs, tortillas and MorningStar sausage (veggie sausage), and my fav is egg, bacon, tomato and avocado burritos. We've also started experimenting with different mixes for pancakes, waffles and most recently, crepes. Mmmm...I'm getting hungry now!

In our house we take a few things seriously: food, wine, beer and coffee.

We don't settle for second best in any of these areas and if we're going to spend our money on something to eat or drink, it's gonna be worth it!

When our coffee maker died a few years back (I don't actually know if it died or we just retired it, I don't remember!) we invested in a Keurig single-serve coffee maker and we love it! Having a fresh cup of coffee every time is really nice and we are free to just make one cup instead of a whole pot, therefore, there's less waste. We have tried a few different brands of coffee and they've all been yummy (especially important since we drink our coffee black - the roast and quality of the bean makes a huge difference when you don't mask it with cream and sugar!) We've also been lucky and Costco has been carrying the K-Cups so it's pretty cost effective at about $0.40 per cup.

Anyways, seeing how much we enjoy our fancy breakfasts, we wanted a cup of joe that was equally fancy. Ben was ready to buy a fancy-schmancy espresso maker, but I was not ready to drop the coin on one, so instead we compromised on this:

A Moka stove-top espresso maker. You simply fill the bottom half with water, put coffee into the coffee cup-thing and then screw the top on. Then, put it on your stove over low heat and in about 15 minutes you'll have a fresh, delicious cup of espresso! Easy peasy and oh-so-fancy (but not schmancy...we can't afford schmancy!).

Oh, and because neither of us really enjoy our espresso black, the icing on the cake are these:

A Bodum milk frother and double-walled coffee mugs...I guess we are a little schmancy after all!


  1. Thanks for the gift idea for the hubs. :) He will love this. :)

  2. We're a big "breakfast couple" too!

    PS found your blog through Kelly's Korner linkup. :)