Monday, November 14, 2011

In Great Detail - Day 4

I have never done a post like this, but in keeping with my goal to actually finish this list - if not in the set number of days - I did one today. Alas, here is what I ate today, in great detail:

I am one of those people who sleep in until the absolute very last moment and give myself just exactly enough time to get ready. Every morning I have grand intentions of actually getting up when my alarm goes off and giving myself enough time to sit down and actually enjoy my breakfast and cup of coffee. But, when 0525 rolls around, I could care less about breakfast and all I want is to close my eyes for five more minutes. I usually force myself out of bed at 0550 and race though my shower & makeup routine (blow drying my hair is out the window) and be downstairs getting my lunch ready by 0610 in order to leave by 0625. I usually scarf a bowl of cereal or down a protein shake on my way out the door, but today I had the good fortune of having bread for toast (my fav), so I combatted both hunger and a random case of hiccups, with some yummy toast, peanut butter and honey.

Oh, and of course, any morning that starts before the sun rises earns a cup of coffee

This is in the car on the way to work. Do you see how dark it is?? Tears!

Maybe I'm weird, but I tend to pack huge lunches for work. I rarely actually eat everything I bring, but I like to give myself a variety of options for nourishment during the days that seem to last forever. Today my snack options were:

Chobani Greek yogurt - Peach, Maple streusel muffin oatmeal, Kashi TLC Pumpkin Spice Flax bar, and a Ritz multigrain & veggie Crackerful

I usually put a little sometime sweet in my lunch, but today I intended to meet up with a girlfriend on our break and enjoy an Eggnog latte as she filled me in on the details of her recent trip to Mexico. Having a Starbucks in the lobby is both a blessing and a curse (but mostly a blessing!).

But, when 1030 rolled around and I realized I hadn't yet had a chance to stop for a moment, nor was a stopping point going to present itself anytime soon, I grabbed an ICU nurse staple out of the pantry:

Saltine crackers & Tillamook cheese - I think our unit alone keeps Tillamook in business
I finally got to enjoy my oatmeal around noon and was able to take my lunch at 1400. I never used to be a fan of leftovers, but now there's nothing better on a busy day at work. Today it was leftover orzo and red peppers, tomatoes, spinach and a little bit of bacon. I had grander hopes for this dish, but when the pasta was in the water and the veggies were all sliced I realized the roasted red pepper and spinach chicken sausage I had planned on using was moldy. Gross. Hence, the bacon (the only other meat I had thawed). I threw some fancy olive oil over it and topped it with a little parmesan and it was pretty good, but I have higher hopes for next time.

Miss fancy pants eating out of my tupperware with a plastic fork. Luxury folks, luxury!

My yogurt was my "lunch dessert"

I get a serious case of "oh my gosh I'm starving" around 1700 each day. I really should take it as a sign to chug some water, but instead I use it to finish my lunch.

I tried to only eat my crackers, but I had my Kashi bar also (which I just tried for the first time today and it was really good! Very "fall"!).

Well, today was crazy and I never made it to Starbucks, but it's probably good, because for dinner my sweet husband pulled out the big guns and stopped on the way home at Burgerville (can you even handle our fanciness?!?). We try to cook at home as often as possible, but sometimes, grabbing a quick bite to eat on the way home is so stinking easy! If you are not familiar with Burgerville, it's a fast-ish food restaurant that uses all local and mostly sustainable products. They use high quality ingredients and make delicious burgers (and shakes, but we didn't go there tonight).

I thoroughly enjoyed this Tillamook cheeseburger!

And the reason I'll be skipping Starbucks tomorrow too is this, just waiting for me in the freezer:

See you tomorrow!

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