Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I know some blogs do "Thankful Thursdays" every week, but I am a big commitment phobe and can't fill up my schedule like that, I can however, set a goal to write a post every Thursday for the month of November. After all, November is the month of thankfulness...and turkey.

So, on this first Thursday of November, I am thankful for:

My home. Even though our new house is way too far out and the traffic is too crazy for our preference, I am so thankful that we have it and that we have made truly made it a home. I love our cozy little living room and our view overlooking the lake. Someday I'll take pictures and show you ;)

Bills that are paid. We are not overflowing with money by any means, but we are able to make ends meet with a little bit left over for fun. I am so thankful that we are so well provided for.

My job. It helps to make #2 possible and I truly love what I do. I have such a unique opportunity to care for people and I feel so blessed to be able to call myself a nurse.

Our sweet little rascal Bridger. Even when he gets into the Halloween candy bowl and leaves sucker remnants all over the carpet.

My husband. I am so, so thankful for him! He is inquisitive, caring, tough, handy, intelligent, handsome and wise. He's may not be the sweetest or most lovey-dovey guy, but he is steady, loyal and thoughtful. He is loving in a less touchy-feely way and his love is deep and solid. He cares for me and cares for our home. He makes me laugh and together we have so much fun. I am so glad I married him!

And lastly (but most importantly), my sweet Jesus. Without Him I would have nothing and I would be nothing. I am so blessed to know Him!


  1. God has a way of making you read things right when you need to and that's how I feel about your Thankful post... So thank you for sharing and your blog is great so far :)

  2. you got lots to be thankful for. i love having paid bills!
    stopping by from kelly's korner