Friday, December 31, 2010

Grown Ups, Almost

It's about time, I'd say! Ben and I are one step closer to being for reals grown ups. Yesterday, we purchased  our our first new bed! We had been sleeping on Ben's old full mattress and it's seen better days. It's lumpy, bumpy, squeaky and too too small! We tried our best at making it comfy with a memory foam topper, a down mattress cover, nice sheets and down comforter and duvet I love, but, it just was not working anymore.

We did some research and I stumbled across Parklane mattresses by accident. They are a local company and they offer eco-friendly beds since all of their sales are direct, they don't do outrageous markups on prices, plus, they do free local delivery and set up, which is perfect because there's no way we could get a big 'ole mattress home! Their sales staff (which were two girls) were not pushy at all and were unlike any sales people we have ever had before (in a good way!).  All was said and done in less than an hour and we are so excited to get our new bed. Right now our bed is being custom made and will be ready in about a week. Wanna see what we got?

The Birkdale. It's seriously the cadillac of mattresses! It's made from natural latex and eco soy foam with a layer of memory foam (which is full of chemicals and yuckies, but it's sooooo comfy!) and is encased in a super soft bamboo cover. It's like laying on a cloud, a perfectly supportive, soft and amazing cloud! To make the whole thing completely over-the-top, we also got two natural latex pillows. It's gonna be epic. I can't wait for it to get here! 

Oh, did I mention that we got a king? Holy moly huge, huh? Everyone who has a king says they can't ever go back to anything smaller, but I'm thinking it may be too big - but it's a struggle we're willing to take on! ;)

Now that we've got a big, beautiful mattress coming our way, we are in need of some new linens. We probably won't buy a whole set right away (after all, the actual mattress was a good chunk of change) but I've got my eye on a few that I'd love.  

I love the pintuck collection from West Elm. It's organic and not too spendy and invites you to come cozy up under it's tucks. I love it. I can't make up my mind on a color though. I love our white bedspread now, it's so easy to clean, but I really like this seagrass color
and this cactus one

Anther dilema though is our pink carpet. How do you coordinate with a sea of pink? (We will not be discussing why the heck someone would actually CHOOSE dusty-rose pink carpet today)

I could try to embrace the pink and go for something fun and whimsical like this (that I love but Ben hates)

I'm in no hurry to completely finish the bed, I'm just stoked that we've ordered a new one and I can't wait for the sweet sleep we're going to have in it!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

Our Christmas was wonderful! It really was perfect and I am so thankful Ben and I had the day to spend together just as our little family. We woke up early, had a very yummy breakfast (cinnamon rolls, of course! This year we bought a frozen package from Whole Foods and they were delicious, I may even dare to say the best I've ever had!) and unwrapped our gifts in our jammies cozied up next to the fireplace (which was lit with candles, not a real fire) as Christmas music played in the background.

Unfortunately, we don't have any pictures from the day, but I'll hit on this topic in an upcoming post.

Ben and I have everything we need. With our spending money system, we both have enough to cover the fun expenses that come up throughout the year (for Ben it's usually music related and for me it's usually clothes). Considering that, we set a modest budget for our gifts to each other this year and both of our goals were to buy the other person something they want, but probably wouldn't buy for themselves. A little luxury item the other would love. Ben blew our budget out of the water. That boy spoiled me. I thought I'd get one "big" gift a few other small gifts, well, he got me three "big" gifts and a few smaller gifts. Rotten man!

First up were these cute PJs from the Gap that I'm so stoked on. I've told him a million time I've wanted cute pajamas, and he got me some! (Mine are similar to these with a matching top)

Then, because he's caught me a few times too many in his coziest sweatshirts, this:

Then he decided to spoil me a little with these:
 The man was very concerned about my warmth and comfort this year!

Next up was for our trips backpacking. He made this decision carefully as he wanted something that both reflected my non-sporty style and yet would still function during for our more sporty activities (he did give me the option however, to exchange them barring I did so for another pair. He wanted to be sure I had a nice pair of sunglasses, but he didn't care what pair).

I decided to keep the pair he got me. They look pretty nice and they are a beautiful mahogany color. Plus, they're polarized which is better for fishing as it allows you to better see the fish as they are swimming below (or so my sweet husband says).

He also got me this book: 

because he remembered I liked this book (which is a hauntingly good memoir. I loved and hated it at the same time and couldn't put it down):

Little things like that are such sweet statements of love. I had no idea he would remember me reading that book. I love that man.

I received a few other things in my stocking (I told you I was spoiled!) including some of my favorite candies:

and some awesome Sharpie pens for work:

I may be failing to leave out a few things, but everything he got me was so thought out and so sweet. Gift-giving is one of Ben's love language and he puts so much love into everything he buys me. Knowing that is almost sweeter than the gift itself...almost...just kidding, kind of.

Ok, now for my very favorite gift. I have wanted a Lisa Leonard necklace forever and I have debated buying one for myself, but I never did because I wanted it to be from Ben. I knew it would be more special if he picked it out for me and he put in the effort to give me something sentimental like that. Needless to say, I dropped major hints for something this year. I didn't give specifics, I just said I wanted a "special piece of jewelry" from him and changed his homepage to her website. You know, just in case he was curious! Eventually, a little blue and white polka-dot box made it's way under the tree and I just knew it was my necklace. However, the anticipation of knowing which one was driving me bonkers! However, when it was finally time to open that pretty little package (which he made me save for last), I saw the most perfect necklace. It is my very favorite design of Lisa's, which Ben had no idea about, it just happened to be his favorite as well.

The Teenie Tiny Initials necklace. A tiny S and a tiny B. So beautiful, so dainty, so understated yet lovely. It's perfect. 

I seriously can't tell you how much I love my husband. Even though we've been through some rough spots thinking about him seriously makes my heart want to explode. I love him. He's different from me in that he's not wild and mushy-gushy about his love for me, but quiet, deep, solid and steady in it. I am a better woman because he is in my life. I am so thankful he is mine!

(being silly on our first married Christmas, 2007)

Oh, and in case y'all are curious, I got Ben

This Christmas was very Merry!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Brain Dump

- I can't believe Christmas is in a week! Holy moly!

- Ben has been filming a music video with Painted Grey this weekend. Pair that with him recording last weekend, studying for finals, and me working, I haven't had a day with him in well over a week. I miss my husband.

- I am in love with cute mugs. Anthropologie has the best ones, take these for example:

so sweet! I think every girl needs her own mug, and Anthro is always the perfect place to pick up a cute gift.

- My living room currently looks like this:

I love Christmastime!

- I have one more gift to get Ben and I am up this early so I can hit Target and Bridgeport as soon as they open. I do not want to wade through all the crazies this afternoon!

- We had PICU orientation classes all week. It was so good to take a break from working and just focus on what we actually do. We had some time to talk about our more difficult experiences and work through a little of the pain associated with them. I felt so supported and encouraged. I really love my new job. I feel honored to "walk with people during their darkest days" It's a blessing.

- I'm running (/walking) a 5K in 12 days.

- Bridger is being a pill. Yesterday he pulled everything out of my work bag and scattered it around the living room. That is his way of throwing a fit and letting us know that he needs some exercise. That boy is too smart for his own good.

- I've had Pandora on Christmas music non-stop since yesterday. As long as I'm home, it will be playing.

- Our landlord replaced our oven yesterday. I can finally bake!

- The other night we were at a Christmas party and our good friends brought their little baby (cutest thing EVER). I wasn't going to ask for her, since both grandmas were there and I can be a baby hog, but somehow I got her and she proceeded to fall asleep in my arms (I've got the hip sway and back-pat down!) so I had to keep her all night. Every time someone would come up to test the waters for holding her, my response was "Oh, shh, she's sleeping." And everyone knows, you should not wake a sleeping babe. So, Auntie Stephanie got to hold the little love-bug all night. Did my heart (and biceps) good!

- I have presents to wrap and a last-minute gift to get, so I'm off. Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Geists!

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