Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy (turkeyless) Thanksgiving!

So, I have unintentionally abandoned my "In Great Detail" series. I made it six days...oh well! I'll probably pick it up again every once in a while, but I'm not going to make any promises.

This last week was just super hard, between work, little spats with my hubby and fighting a cold, I was not on my best game and blogging was the last thing from my mind.

Our Thanksgiving this year was a bit untraditional. We slept in, had a nice breakfast (pancakes, eggs and bacon a la my husband!), and then busted out butts cleaning. I deep cleaned the kitchen (including cleaning the oven by hand - not using the self-cleaning cycle) and Ben vacuumed & steam cleaned the carpet. Big, ugly tasks that I'm glad are over. We are ending the night with a fancified frozen pizza (soppressata, tomatoes and basil added to a plain cheese Costco pizza) and a bottle of Merlot.

Rest assured, a traditional Thanksgiving dinner is in our future, as we are hosting our 4th annual "Orphan Thanksgiving" with our closest friends on Sunday. Here's to hoping I get tomorrow off of work so I can try  to score a sweet deal on a turkey (organic and free-range would be ideal, but I wont be too picky!)!

 I guess I'll up the cheese factor of this post a little bit by saying just exactly what I am thankful for (since I abandoned my "Thankful Thursdays" last week as well): I am so, utterly, supremely thankful for my life. Yes, I realize that sounds super big and way too vague, but seriously, I am so thankful for it. I am so incredibly blessed. I have a beautiful home, which I share with a beautiful man and a sweet-as-pie pup, a good job that I feel so fulfilled by (even when it breaks my heart). I have wonderful friends - the kind that are real and you don't have to spend every second with them in order to know you are actually friends. My family is not at all what it used to be, but I am so thankful we have grown together and grown stronger despite the changes made in the past few years. I could cry thinking about how much I love my little siblings (all 4 of them!), and what an honor it is to be their big sister. I love being a big sister! I have food in my fridge and a steady paycheck. We have reliable cars and a clothing-stuffed closet. Seriously, we are so, so, so blessed beyond measure. Words really can't even describe. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

I pray your Thanksgiving was all you dreamed it would be - turkeyless or not! Here's to the start of a beautiful season!

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