Wednesday, November 16, 2011

In Great Detail - Day 5

My definition of love, in great detail

When I was young (not unlike much of you, I'm sure), I had visions of what my "great love" would look like. My handsome suitor would shower me with kisses and roses and compliments. He would look at me as a great treasure and never fail to see my value. I, in turn, would lovingly serve his every desire. We would be ooey-gooey and sappy in love. We'd never fight - because, we'd have a perfect love, what would there be to fight about? 

Real life happened shortly after these thoughts took place, and even though my actual "great love" looks very little like the above picture, I consider myself very blessed to have a love like I have. We may have moments of weakness and take each other for granted, and I may snap too quickly and he may not hold my hand as much as I would like. We may often miscommunicate and spend time on completely different planets every once in a while. Sometimes stressors like money, family, time together and life in general creep into our perfect life and get the best of us. I may want to hear "baby, you're so beautiful" more and he may want me to stop asking him to call whoever he needs to call/do whatever he needs to (i.e. just leave him alone!). He may even just need a breather and may just need a hug...from my mama...and sometimes we just don't mesh just right. Despite the fact that somedays look so far from what I described above, I wouldn't trade this real life love for anything in my fantasy, because in my wildest dreams, I never imagined Ben, and now that I know him, no dream could ever compare. 

To me real love is: selflessness, removing your pride, opening your heart and being vulnerable, cuddling on the couch, making my coffee in the morning. It is the comfort of knowing what/who you are coming home to, and the opportunity to make a home with someone. It is someone who takes the dog out when it's raining and let's you stay cuddled under your heated blanket back in the house. It is making dinner and breakfast on days when you get to sleep in. It is listening to my day, even when the details of it are hard for you to hear. It is giving good advice, even if it's hard to hear. It is holding me to a higher standard because you know I am better than how I may be acting. It is knowing your partners habits, nuances, likes, dislikes and how to order their cup of coffee.

Real love is racing your tired, mud-caked, overall-clad bootie into the mall and buying the daintiest, most beautiful, perfect ring for your love so you can give her the best gift of her life on her 22nd birthday. Real love is planning for a future, and having big dreams for your life together. It is standing strong and faithful through the days that suck and looking forward to tomorrow. It is the familiar smell on your pillow and the feeling of a warm, sleepy body pulling you closer as the night drifts on. Real love is contentment, peace and a feeling of wholeness. 

Real love is a blessing, and I am blessed beyond measure...xoxo

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