Thursday, November 3, 2011

My Erin Condren Life Planner

It's here!

I joined the craze and finally bit the bullet on an Erin Condren life planner. I have read tons of reviews on it and finally decided to buy it in hopes of keeping everything straight in my brain. I love the calendar on my iPhone, but I realized I was forgetting or putting off tasks/projects that needed to be done. I also thought this planner would be a good place for me to meal plan, keep track of my fitness (both what I have done and my goals) and to track my calories. All in all, I decided to get something nice for myself as motivation to get my butt into gear.

Ok, here are the pictures of my lovely gem (they are not the sharpest as I took these all with my iPhone in low light, but alas, they will suffice):

I ordered the Zig Zag pattern customized with a green colorway.
This is a little brighter than in real life, I'd say it's actually the color of a rip macontosh apple.

Even her packaging is cute!

Erin added an envelop of package stickers as freebies!
(They look just like the ones on the envelope)

I love my custom notepads! They fit perfectly in the pocket of the life planner!

There are cute inspirational quote throughout this thing, and most coordinate with whatever month you are going into (this is February's)
Each month is tabbed and has a full month calendar.

I love the fact that holidays are marked, I hate when calendars don't do that!

My planner even reminds me that I need to wake up an hour early for work this Sunday!

Every week has a side column for goals and your to do list. I love that!

Toward the back is a pocket for my notebook and handy little zipper pocket for pens, stamps and small items.

I was a little worried the cover would be flimsy paper, only laminated, but it's not! It' s very sturdy and thick and seems like it will hold up really well. 

There's a special dates section - perfect for this lady who is constantly forgetting birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Year in a glance.
And lastly, I love these little stickers! They mark important days and fit perfectly in the columns on each day. I've already marked everyone's birthday with a sticker so I can have a visual reminder a few days in advance in order to remember to send a card.

Now that this baby is here and I've got to see it in all it's glory, I am so in love with it. I feel very official carrying it around and I already feel more organized and productive! Now I just need to keep it up! Ha!

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  1. Wow, the green looks great! And the zigzag pattern matches your blogdesign perfectly ;-)