Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Gluten Free We: Days 7, 8 & 9

One week down!

When we started this month, I was sure we'd be suffering and this would be so hard. How wrong I was! Seriously, this was so much easier than I anticipated. There are so many non-gluten options, many of which we already eat (rice especially) and I don't feel like we've suffered at all.

Well, I should say, I definitely did suffer when I was silly and decided to give up the goodness of coffee. Silly girl. But, after I let that magic nectar back into my life, it was smooth sailing!

I'm pretty pooped from working, but I thought I'd just pop in with an update saying we're still going strong and I feel so empowered by these past 9 days! I am usually one to throw in the towel early on in the game, but not with this. This feels right and I feel so good! I do know that we will eventually slip and will eventually put some processed junk into our bodies, but I really hope (and believe) this is the start of a lifelong journey of health and good choices for our family.

I'll check back again in a few days. Until then, eat some veggies - I sure will!

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