Friday, January 6, 2012

Gluten Free We: Day 5

I'm starting to dig this new diet!

I don't feel deprived of anything. Sure, I'd like an ice cream, but not any more than I do on a usual night, ha! Seriously though, I feel really good and my temptations have been super minimal compared to other restrictive diets I've done in the past (when I was on Medifast I was pretty sure I was going to rip someone's head off if I didn't get a freaking Saltine, NOW!).

Ben and I have been eating really well! I don't think we feel so good necessarily because of the lack of gluten, but because of the amount of fresh, good food. We never eat this much fruit or vegetables, nor do we have them be such a major part of our meals. We've always been good Americans whose meals center around a nice piece of meat, some starch on the side and a little bit of veggies to round things out. Not this past week though. I love having so much produce and good-for-you food in our diet, I am already starting to feel the effects of such good choices!

I asked Ben what he has noticed most about these past five days, and his answered echoed mine: I have so much energy! Now, we're not running marathons or massively spring cleaning or anything, but waking up in the morning has been less of a chore, and after running around all day, I didn't feel the need to lay down on the couch and take a nap, and neither did Ben when he got off of work! This is big stuff people! We usually love our naps!

Ben is recording with his buddies all weekend, and I think I'll try to up my juice intake even more and experiment a little more with veggies juices (fruit seems more logical to me) and try to get three a day in instead of two.

For breakfast this morning, I had some green juice


1/2 Pear
1/2 Granny Smith Apple
1/2 Cucumber
3 stalks Celery
1 cup Spinach

We've been experimenting with different types of fruits and vegetable for juicing and a few things we've learned are: spinach and kale produce very little juice, cucumber and celery produce a lot of juice and have strong flavors, pears add a nice, gentle sweetness, and apples just a bit of tartness, which is really refreshing. Regular tomatoes are not too strong flavor-wise, but adding a few cherry ones really ups the sweetness factor. Carrots are perfects for sweet or savory juices. And, pineapple makes a delicious juice!

After running around all morning with my to-do list still keeping me away from home for a few more hours, I stopped at Jamba Juice for a two all-fruit smoothies, one for me, and one to surprise my hubby with while he was at work. I'm such a good wife! ha!

I stopped by New Seasons on the way home (having one right in our backyard is amazing!) and picked up a splurge for my weekend:

They're pretty good!

When Ben got off work I made my favorite juice yet:

2 slices Pineapple
handful mixed Berries
3 Carrots
1 Cucumber
1 Tangerine

To which my husband said, "This is delicious, but did you put anything healthy in here?" Ummm...hello? It's fruit and veggies, of course it's healthy! I probably should have added some spinach in order to boost the veggie portion, but it was pretty stinkin' good!

I made dinner while Ben packed for his weekend, and considering I made it up on the fly, it was pretty good too! I did a 2/3 mixture of brown rice to quinoa (cooked in chicken stock in the rice cooker) and browned some Mild Italian Sausage from New Seasons (all natural, btw). I sauteed that with some red peppers and onion, mixed in the rice/quinoa when it was done and added a little aged parmesan cheese (lactose free) and cilantro at the end.


Now, I'm gonna run to the gym (before I lose my motivation and start watching Gossip Girl) and maybe go to work tonight (I'm on-call).

Here's to more good stuff and less junk!

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