Thursday, December 1, 2011


  • Holy moly! It's December? When the heck did that happen? I can't even believe it! Christmas is in 24!
  • Ben and I are not doing gifts this year, kind of. Instead of presents we purchased a new TV at the insistence of my sweet husband who has assured me our current TV is much too small. That will most certainly not be the case when this arrives in a few weeks:

  • I hurt my back at work yesterday. I was helping my adult-sized patient with left sided weakness "scooch" up in bed, and even though she had done so twice, on the third "scooch" I was the only one who moved. The combination of me pulling her arm up, and her lack of movement pulling me down toward her tweaked my muscles and I have had pain ever since. I even left work early in order to come home and lay flat on the couch. I am too freaking young to hurt my back! I will be going to the gym to swim some laps at the suggestion of the PICU attending yesterday, hopefully that will help.
  • I have been itching to do some crafting, but I don't know exactly what I want to do or where I would put it if I did. I have pinned so many cute wreaths, but really, I have a small house - I can only really use one at a time. Ben ordered a fresh wreath from the local high school and I am looking forward to its arrival so it can grace my front door. 

  • I think my next project will be this, for over our bed

  • Or this, spelling out "JOY"

Ok, that's all for today, have a lovely Thursday!

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