Friday, December 2, 2011

So, yesterday after finishing my post, my back started to ache again. I began to worry and though I should get it checked out, if for nothing than a paper trail. With work-related injuries, no matter how small, you should always be sure to cross your t's and dot your i's. I called my primary care (turns out I have one, I didn't know) but they couldn't see me until tomorrow so I decided to the ED. I hate that our hospital system doesn't have an urgent care because using the emergency room for non-serious issues is one of the reasons why our medical care costs so darn much, but considering I have insurance and it's at my work, I gave it a go. Thankfully, they weren't very busy and the whole thing took about an hour and a half. The NP I saw thought I had pulled a muscle in my "thoracic region" and sent me on my way with big-gun Ibuprofen, a muscle relaxer and a recommendation for a massage - yee ha!

After the ER, I met my hubby at his work to do a little shopping and visit with him on his lunch break, and, then, much to my surprise, I actually went to the gym! I usually make plans to go to the gym but then take advantage of any excuse to keep me out of it (traffic, I'm hungry, it's going to be so busy, I have groceries to get, I'm sure there's laundry to fold at home, etc.). A doctor at work suggested I swim for a few days to gently stretch my muscles, and I didn't want to tell him I didn't when he asked, so I just trucked my butt over to the gym and made myself get into my swimsuit and into the water. 

Getting to the gym is indeed the hardest part. Once I started swimming, I felt so good. Yes, my lungs were burning and I tried to swallow a good bit of water, but I was so proud I actually went. I was also proud I actually did as many laps as I said I would do - I usually only do half of what I intend to. I sat in the sauna for a while after my swim and just enjoyed how my body felt. 

It was well into the evening when I was done at the gym and I was pooped. Ben was on his way home as well, so I asked him to stop and pick up a pizza while I got my prescription. He was tired from work and I couldn't even think about starting to make dinner at 8:00 pm. When we got home, my sweet husband held up the two RedBox movies he rented while waiting for the pizza, one of which was the same I got from the RedBox while I waited. I guess we know each other pretty well ;)

We enjoyed our pizza and a movie and then I tried one of my muscle relaxers (which I was warned would make me sleepy) and then went to bed. I guess those meds really work, because I slept for 12 hours! I guess my body was really needing some rest!

Now, I'm catching up on my biggest, most daunting chore: laundry. At least I have Gossip Girl and a movie to keep me company. 

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  1. 12 hours! oh my goodness, your body totally needed it. I can't believe you had such an active day afterwards. lol. i do agree, getting to the gym is the hardest part. once you're there it's smooth sailing. so glad I found your blog. totally following. my blogs all about the adventures of a southern girl turned LA local. I do shoots in front of celeb places like Lauren Conrad's house and others to keep it fun. Hope you'll check it out. xo