Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lazy Housewife

I love the One of my favorite things to do to when I'm enjoying some quiet time around the house is to explore different postings and peek into the lives of fellow "nesters" through their blogs. One that I came across yesterday was the "Hyper Homemaker" who has a outlined a "Fall Cleaning Challenge" for her blog readers. Oh man, I am so behind! I'm embarrassed to think how much I've let housework slip! Individually Ben and I are very clean, tidy people. However, as a couple, we are terrible at keeping our house clean. We constantly have dishes on our ridiculously tiny counters, and even though I have a wonderful little laundry room (one of the reasons why we moved), I am awful at keeping up with our dirty clothes...actually, it's the clean ones that get me. I hate putting laundry away! Anyways, seeing the Hyper Homemaker's beautiful, spotless home got me motivated. Though I don't have 7 days to dedicate to cleaning, I am going to get my butt in gear and get to work! My goal for today is to get my kitchen reorganized and tomorrow I'm going to tackle my bedroom and bathroom. Please don't think that Ben and I are total slobs, our house really is CLEAN, it's just really messy. 

On the topic of cleaning, I should mention one of my new favorite books, Gorgeously Green. After I finished the Twilight series ( I had no desire to read another book because I knew it would let me down. I knew nothing would satisfy me like a little Edward and Bella. I felt like I had just gone through a bittersweet breakup! In a desperate search to satisfy my craving to curl up and read, I found Gorgeously Green. It's totally unlike Twilight, which was just what I needed. This book is awesome! After reading the first chapter I felt motivated to make our home a cleaner, greener place. I feel really inspired to make a difference in my life and I feel like the little changes I am starting to make really can help change our world. Now, I'm not totally on the "green" bandwagon, but I'm definitely up for any easy, cost-efficient, eco-friendly changes I can make. My favorite green product so far - vinegar. You can clean just about everything with this stuff! I've never seen toilet gunk wash away so easily, and my kitchen counters are just as clean (if not more so) after using my homemade vinegar/water/castile soap cleaner than they ever were with Clorox. Plus, it feels really good to know that I can get my kitchen and bathroom sparkly without any toxic chemicals.

One of these days I'll post a link to the benefits of green living, but for now, I'm gonna get to that kitchen of mine and put my inspiration to good use!

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