Monday, February 16, 2009

Crafty Tuesday

I follow a very sweet homemaking blog, hersoutherncharm, that is hosting "Crafty Tuesdays" where we are to show off some crafty items that we've made throughout the week/month/year. I am not the craftiest, but I do enjoy being creative and using the cute stickers and papers I've collected throughout the years. I inherited a bunch of scrapbooking and cardmaking materials from my Grandma Clara and I've really enjoyed taking up one of her favorite hobbies - card making- and making it one of my favorites as well. I made a few this week that I forgot to take pictures of, but more will come soon, I'm sure.

My first project this week was a baby shower invitation sign for my friend Jen. For all showers at work we post flyers in each break room, so I made two of these signs to hang. The picture doesn't really show detail, but I think they came out pretty cute! I'm hanging them tomorrow morning, I hope Jen likes them!

I am a card person. I love Hallmark and can spend hours looking for the card that says exactly what I want it to say, and I really feel joy when I find the perfect card for my someone special. My husband however, is not a card person. Where I think the card is often the most special part of any gift, he thinks it is a waste of paper and has said many times "Why do I need to buy a card to tell you exactly what I can say myself?" Darn logical brain of his.

With Valentine's Day coming up I knew I had to get the perfect card for our second VDay as man and wife, however, I know my husband. He would not appreciate a store bought card as much he would one hand created by his loving wife. He would be hurt that I would make cards for my friends and family, but not for him, even if the card I bought him was "perfect." So, I let go of trying to find the perfect verse inside the most perfect card and set off making my best friend a card perfect for him.

Ben is logical, he is not frilly or frivolious. He is smart and sensible and values natural simplicity. I think I hit the nail on the head with this...(please excuse the poor picture quality - taken with my phone)

He also surprised me with a card he made himself. He is a little ashamed of the quality of his card - did I mention my husband is a perfectionist? - but I love it, and I love him.

That's it for now, I'm up way too late, as usual, and my body is longing for sleep. I hope your Tuesday is crafty!

- Mrs. G


  1. Love the cards--you both did a fantastic job! I love cardmaking, too. It's quick, fun and meaningful! :)

  2. Awwww! He made that for you? And drew the rose too? What a sweetie poo he is!!!! Love it!

    Love the sign, too. I know she'll love it! Oh, and thanks for joining us!