Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beautiful Mornings Like This

I love mornings like the one we're having today. Ben and I slept in until 10 (which is perfect because we get the luxury of sleeping in and still having time to enjoy a real morning) then took our time making our way upstairs where we had a wonderful breakfast and then cozied up on the couch for some Olypmics and the last half of a movie. The best part however, is that now, as I'm typing, Ben is playing the piano.

When we got married, Ben's parents graciously hauled his beautiful (and extremely heavy!) piano out from Montana and gave it to us to have it in our home (much to his sister's dismay--sorry Hannah!). Unlike me, Ben has the gift of music. He can play several different instruments, but, being the rock star he is, he has spent the last few years focusing on the bass, putting his piano on hold. Ben is amazing with the bass, but I LOVE when he plays piano. When he sits down to play, it's a time where his creativity take over and his heart plays through the music. I especially love it because it's a private part of him and listening to him play is an intimate time where I get a glimpse into a beautiful piece of his heart.

Mornings like this remind me how wonderfully blessed I am, and how thankful I am to the God who has given me all this and more.

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