Thursday, December 17, 2009

Yucky December Day

I'm home sick from work today. I don't think I have the flu, but I was feeling terrible yesterday and needed another day to recover. I don't really know what's going on but I couldn't shake a feeling of overall "yuckiness." I think I am (was?) exhausted and my body was giving out. All I had energy for yesterday was sleeping and even after a monster nap I still woke up tired. Sometimes a girl just needs a break, right? After another full nights sleep has helped make me feel more normal, but I am thankful I took today to recoup. I've been snuggled up with Ben under my new warming throw (love it!) and it's been good for my body and my soul!

On a much more exciting note: I have a college Junior in the house! Ben just completed finals week and I could not be more proud of him! This last term was very tough academically and he was juggling school, work, music, Bridger and me. Despite his often overflowing plate, he did wonderful and was present for every aspect of his life (his challenge historically has been focusing everything he has on one specific section and neglecting the others). I am so thankful for his hard work and dedication and, like I said above, I am so proud! He now has a little break for Christmas and I am thankful for some time of togetherness, rest and relaxation. (p.s. I think the photo on the left is really funny - it looks like it could be the cover of "Field & Stream" if only Bridger's head was a deer's head or something).

Speaking of Christmas, we're ready! Last Christmas was tough for us (we were broke, I had to work and times were just tough), but we're really excited this year. Our living room is decorated and I love it! We've got a few presents waiting to go under the tree but will have to wait a few days because though Bridger has been pretty good leaving the tree alone, I don't know how well he will do with shiny presents under there too!
I am just about done with our Christmas cards this year, I just have a few more to address.

Oh and Bridger - holy moly! This guy is getting huge! I mean common, where is my tiny little snuggly puppy? Who is this monster of an adult dog?!?

Well, I have a batch of cards ready for the mailman and a cup tea calling my name - check 'ya later!

$ Mrs.BigTime

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