Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Day

The sun is shining in Portland! It's beautiful and I'm so thankful for a break from the often-present gray. My absolute favorite part of my house is its windows. We have 4 skylights and windows on 3 of our 4 walls. It is so peaceful in our living room when the sun is shining. Everything is soft and glowing. It's warm and peaceful. I've had many days since living here when I just sit and soak it all in. Days like this refresh my soul.

These last few weeks have been really busy for us. We celebrated both of our birthdays with a trip to Vegas, which was super fun. My dad surprised us and came out to visit too. It was so good to see him! Our birthday celebration didn't end there however, next up was a wine night at our house (also, super fun, we have to have another one again soon!), a birthday party at a friend's house (we have 5 end of Feb/March birthdays in our group of 8 friends!), then we had Ben's sister Hannah out to visit (the same weekend we hosted some of my friends & their family while they were visiting their neice who was sick in the NICU at DCH), I went back to Vegas with some girlfriends for a conference, Ben had finals, Pearl Bridge put the finishing touches on their CD, then to wrap things up, we celebrated another friend's birthday at a Blazer game (my first. We had a catered sky box - so, so, so fun!). Whew!

March also presented us with a huge struggle. As mentioned in the previous post, our friend Nathan was released from this world and taken to be with the Lord. Our hearts ache for his family, who demonstrated amazing grace and faithfulness in the midst of this tough time. Pearl Bridge had the opportunity to play at both of his memorials, which was such a blessing. The spirit of the Lord was so very present as we worshiped. Our hearts were aching, but a presence of joy filled as we knew Nathan was sitting in the hands of our sweet Father. We know that hearts were touched, not only by the loss of this boy, but by the peace his parents and siblings demonstrated as they comforted others while dealing with their own grief. We don't always understand why tough things happen in this life, but it is our prayer that God be glorified through this loss. Ben also had the opportunity to record bass on a beautiful son that Nathan's brother wrote for him. I wish I had the link to it...I'll search for it and add it later. It's beautiful.

Pearl Bridge has been hard at work for the past few months finishing their first recording, and I'm so excited to say that it's done! Their self-titled EP will be released a week from today at Radiant's Easter service (Radiant is pastored by John and Pam Vredevelt, Nathan's parents). You can check out some songs from the CD on Facebook or Myspace.

Well, I should wrap up, since that handsome man of mine is finally ready to go out and enjoy this spectacular day with me.

Oh, one last thing: Congratulations to my sweet friends Jen & Ben who delivered this beautiful baby yesterday:

Welcome to the world baby Sterling! You are so loved!

- Mrs. BigTime

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