Monday, September 29, 2008

Crabby Days and New Adventures

Two weekends ago Ben and I loaded our "pickup" (aka VW Golf) with camping supplies and headed to the coast with our good friends Ben and Jessica Brower (Jess is a fellow nurse at DCH) and their sister Rebecca. We stayed in an awesome Yurt in Umpqua, a tiny fishing town just south of Reedsport. Our yurt was so cute and peaceful. It was at the end of the path of campsites and had a small path leading to a peaceful lake just outside our porch. We felt like we were really camping, yet had the luxury of a heater, fridge, shower and toilet. We had so much fun relaxing and visiting together, but undoubtedly, the best part of the weekend was spent on the pier. We went crabbing! When Jessica told me they were planning on going crabbing I had no idea what to expect. I half-imagined we'd have to wade around in the ocean with fishing boots trying to grab the little things, but, I quickly realized it's much easier than wading required (though Jess and I did venture into the freezing water in hopes of persuading a crab to get in our pot!). 

While us girls prepared breakfast at "home" the boys went to drop our pots in the water to try and catch the tide. We ate our french toast quickly as we were excited to see if our salmon-cuts had lured a meal for us. The secret to crabbing is to pull your pots (which are really net/ring things, I have no idea why they're called pots) up out of the water as quickly as you can so the crabs don't have a chance to crawl out on the way up. However, despite the fastest of pulls, first few pots produced this

Our luck quickly improved, but only slightly

We pulled up more females and more little males (you may only keep large enough males...Jess is measuring one above) than we could keep track of.   

I was a little nervous to actually pick up the crabs, but Jessica didn't seem to mind...

We pulled our pots all day without catching a single crab, but once night fell, the tides changed, and our luck did as well. We successfully caught 6 large males and secured our lunch for the next day. I thought catching the crab was better than actually eating it, but everyone else seemed to have the opposite opinion. 

We had such a great weekend, we were reluctant to leave. We finally loaded our car back up and with full bellies, refreshed minds and heavy feet Ben and I headed home. We had a relatively quiet week. Ben worked while I got a little crafty.


The quiet week was in preparation for another exciting weekend. We celebrated David Long's birthday at an awesome little cafe in SE (Aqui Mexican Cafe), where I had really good mexican salad and an even better favorite!

Sunday brought a new and exciting opportunity for Ben and I. Ben of course, is very musically talented and for the last 3 years he has been serving at East Hill Church playing the bass. The band he plays with has become our extended family and some of our closest friends. After a long run at East Hill, the band decided to break away from the church and pursue music independently. "Pearl Bridge" hopes to play at various events (retreats, conferences, worship nights, etc.) and also serve as a relief band for churches across the nation. Their hope is not to have music become a full-time career (though I'm sure no one would object to touring together), but as an opportunity to serve Christ with their gifts and bless people whenever possible. 

So, back to this Sunday, Pearl Bridge played at Portland Foursquare as a relief band for their current music director. Portland Foursquare (or PDX4) is going through a transition period right now, and Ben and I feel called to be a part of their fellowship. We have loved East Hill and were very blessed by that church, but it is very far from our house, and it is difficult for us to fellowship with other members because frankly, it is impractical for us to drive to Gresham all the time. Pastor Dennis Easter has recently come to PDX4 with the purpose to serve Portland as a church. His teachings are real, deep and challenging, which is just what Ben and I need. We're really excited to see what God has in store for Pearl Bridge, and for us. 

Here's a little Pearl Bridge for 'ya. Enjoy!

I hope your week is blessed...Mrs. G

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